How to quote from Un Curso de Milagros

The line numbers are a method of reference. Paragraphs and sentences within paragraphs are numbered with superscripts to help students reference specific sections or passages quickly and easily, no matter which edition or format of A Course in Miracles they happen to be using. This same numbering system also holds true for the many translations of the Course, allowing for cross-referencing of passages between different languages. The ACIM Annotation System of A Course in Miracles provides a method for students of the Course to reference a specific passage within the Course and its Supplements.

Here is an example:

You will first dream of peace, and then awaken to it.” (T-13.VII.9:1)

T = Text

13 = Chapter 13

VII = Section

VII (of Chapter 13)

9 = Paragraph 9 (in Section VII)

1 = Line 1 (of Paragraph 9)

Another example:

We say ‘God is,’ and then we cease to speak, for in that knowledge words are meaningless.” (W-pI.169.5:4)

W = Workbook

pI = part I (of the Workbook)

169 = Lesson 169

5 = Paragraph 5

4 = Line 4 (of Paragraph 5)

Another example:

Forgiveness is the final goal of the curriculum.” (M-4.X.2:9)

M = Manual for Teachers

4 = Section 4

X = Part X (of Section 4)

2 = Paragraph 2 (of Part X)

9 = Line 9 (of Paragraph 2)

Additional abbreviations:

In = introduction(s)

r = Review (workbook)

FL = Final Lessons (workbook)

C = Clarification of Terms (in the Manual for Teachers)

Ep = Epilogues (end of Workbok and Clarification of Terms)

P = Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice

S = The Song of Prayer