This is our invitation to all UCDM Students, particularly those who have chosen to become a public UCDM personality, to follow the Foundation for Inner Peace Copyright Policy whose Spanish translation is:  

Copyright and Permissions Policy for Quoting from A Course In Miracles

To read detailed information about Copyright status of A Course In Miracles, in English, as well as for all the tranlsations to other languages, please visit Foundation for Inner Peace website here.

Copyright Status for Un Curso de Milagros, in Spanish.

Foundation for Inner Peace is the owner of Un Curso de Milagros Copyright.



Foundation for Inner Peace encourage as much discussion of the Course as possible among students. Therefore, we have implemented a very liberal permissions policy for quoting from the Course.

For quotations in any print or text work, including books, articles, study guides, magazines, blogs, websites, etc., you may freely use up to 1000 lines from the Course without our written permission provided that:

  1. Course quotations do not constitute more than 25% of the work.
  2. You do not quote more than one entire chapter of the Text, more than ten consecutive Workbook lessons, more than three consecutive sections from the Manual for Teachers, or more than two sections from either of the Supplements (Psychotherapy and Song of Prayer).
  3. You reference all quotes using the annotated referencing system.
  4. You properly acknowledge the Foundation for Inner Peace as publisher and copyright holder by placing the following acknowledgment (below) on the copyright page of your book or prominently at the top or bottom of your quoted work for other print and textual materials, and on websites or other media.

For Translations (e.g. Spanish):

“All quotes are from Un Curso De Milagros copyright ©1995, 2018 by the Foundation for Inner Peace, 448 Ignacio Blvd., #306, Novato, CA 94949, and, used with permission.”

If you are uncertain of the copyright year(s) for any translation, please contact us.

If you want to quote more than 1000 lines or if Course quotations make up more than 25% of your work, then you will need to obtain written permission from the Foundation. Please email us at or contact us with your request, and be sure to include a detailed description of your work, which portions of the Course you would like to quote from in your work, and how it will be distributed.

Note that we will not approve and wherever possible will take action to prevent the online or print publication of the Course or any large portions of the Course that do not conform to these permissions guidelines. We believe that it is our responsibility, assigned to us by the Course’s Author through Helen Schucman, to publish and distribute the Coursein keeping with His wishes throughout the world.


All products, apps and/or audio-video recordings using the second or third English editions or any of the Foundation’s translations will require the written permission of the Foundation unless intended solely for private personal use. Depending on the project, we may ask you to enter into a contract with the Foundation. Please contact us with your request. Be sure to include a detailed description of your work or product, which portions of the Course you intend to use in your work, and how it will be distributed or sold.