Frequently Asked Questions

Our Purpose is limited only to Publish and Distribute Un Curso de Milagros (UCDM) and excerpts from it. We publish the Mass Market Edition (MME), the soft cover edition of UCDM, complete with Supplements from Foundation for Inner Peace and distribute it in LatinAmerica. Click here to read our purpose as the Voice for Foundation for Inner Peace.
Our aim is to have the MME, the soft cover edition, available at 19 Spanish Speaking Countries in Latinamerica. For Spain and for Spanish Students in the USA only the UCDM hard cover is available as published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. The MME is not available in those countries.
Foundation for Inner Peace and POG are totally independent corporations. Formal agreements are in place granting POG the right to perform specific assignments. Foundation for Inner Peace disclaims any and all legal liability for actions or positions taken by POG.
Spanish translation adapted from FQA #11 (
Yes, you may certainly quote from the Course, especially for studying and teaching purposes. But because of copyright considerations, you may need permission from us, depending on how you intend to use the quoted material. We have a very liberal permissions policy for print. Audio recordings, videos and all commercial products using Course quotations will always require our written permission. For details, please see the Foundation for Inner Peace Copyright and Permissions Policy. For any questions or requests for written permission to use material, please go to our Contact Page to send a message.